Volocopter taps software partner for eVTOL air taxi MRO monitoring

EF Global VTOL

29 Jun 2023


German air taxi developer Volocopter has signed an agreement with Swiss-AS to incorporate the startup’s AMOS software to monitor, analyze, and manage notifications on the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) requirements of its electric takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL).

Bruschal-based Volocopter announced the tie-up as another step toward completing the final version of eVTOL planes it will seek type certification for in 2024, ahead of its launch of air tax service around European and the globe. The accord with Swiss-AS calls for integrating the Basel startup’s AMOS software to preform ongoing and reliable MRO monitoring of its craft, whether operated by Volocopter itself or eventual third-party customers.

Volocopter says its air taxis – which are slated for initial operation during the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics – will be the first advanced air mobility aircraft to use AMOS for constant and accurate data on the evolving MRO-related status of its eVTOL planes. The Swiss-AS tech has an established track record in service of legacy craft.

Volocopter called AMOS’s management of vehicle configuration traceability a vital function for reliable and secure aircraft fleet maintenance. That, along with procurement availability and product longevity, was cited as a major driver of the German firm’s adoption of the tech.

Other aspects of AMOS touted by Volocopter are its ability to monitor ground handling operations, deploy relevant tools for that activity, and manage staffing assignments to maximize its efficiency. Ground technicians, meanwhile, will use the touch-optimized mobile maintenance solution, AMOSmobile/EXEC, to receive and respond to live data streams on craft condition.

In addition to monitoring air taxi MRO conditions and providing alerts on nearing servicing requirements, AMOS will interface with Volocopter’s proprietary digital operating system for its eVTOL craft, VoloIQ. That will ensure harmonization of MRO intervention with VoloIQ’s customer-facing functions, including booking services, aircraft location and status, and battery health. 

The air taxi maker says interlinking Volocopter’s aerial and ground operations will enhance fast, transparent, and safe fleet management to support eVTOL operations scaling. 

“With Swiss-AS as a partner, Volocopter is making strides to ensure that the maintenance of our VoloCity is managed and executed efficiently and foolproof,” said Volocopter’s chief risk and certification officer Oliver Reinhardt, who oversees the push for its air taxi authorization by European Union regulators next year. “The AMOS software has a proven track record in the aviation industry – giving us confidence to obtain our Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation and Maintenance Organization Approval, which are essential for our entry into service. Its compatibility with our VoloIQ is a must-have to provide outstanding customer service.”